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Membership Levels are shown below. If you would like to join, please choose one of the following options: Family Membership (parents & children below 18 yrs old), Single Membership (18 years or older), or you can be a Non-Member individual or family. Non-members have only limited access.

With the help of our database program, we can now have better way to contact our members. Among the many benefits, the biggest ones are our online Membership, Up Coming Events, News, our new Media. The Forums, History and Members is only available for our paid members. You may be able to view Forums & History but not able to make comments.

The " Members" is locked and only available for our paid members. Updates for Health & Welfare, Blogs, New Members, a Picture folder and a Membership Directory where you can Search and contact our members.  Some of the folders are still being updated.

You can be part of a great club, the Canadian Indonesian Social Club (CISC), for a yearly membership of $10 for a single person -or- $20 for a family. This nominal fee is to help us running the club and to provide membership benefits like this great content management system/website, among many others.

A yearly membership for the cost of 1 lunch?
- Where can you get a dinner for 1 person for $10 or a family for $20?
- Maybe only in Bali, Indonesia but not at McDonald's here in Calgary :-)
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