Update April 10, 2015 - The Grand Prize for 2014 Indonesian Gala has been claimed!

Congratulations to Mr. Adam Wardell (Left) for winning the grand prize from the 2014 Indonesian Gala. Here Adam receives the Gift Certificate from CISC President, Al Alam (Right) at The Travel Far and Beyond.

The Grand Prize for 2014 Indonesian Gala

The original plan was to have the Grand Prize draw during the Indonesia Gala back on Saturday October 25th, 2014. Unfortunately we just plain forgot to have the draw during the excitement of the night. I do apologize to you all on behalf of the CISC planners involved with the Draw and the Gala.

We did the draw at Sunridge Badminton Centre witnessed by public and CISC badminton players.

The grand prize draw is for the travel voucher worth of $1000.00. Wendy Huang, CISC trustee, explained how the draw was done using a random draw application. Please see our videos in the website.

From the draw we have a lucky winner, number 221, Mr. Adam Wardell.

Congratulations to Mr. Adam Wardell.

CISC has extended the deadline for the winner to claim the prize until April 15th, 2015.

Again, my apologies to you all but please know it was an honest mistake where we all got caught up in the Gala as it unfolded. Thank you for supporting our event.

Jade Tarbet
Indonesian Gala Event Coordinator


07 May 2014 6:25 PM | 
Board of Directors        

CISC has decided to partner with the Canadian Red Cross to provide aids to natural disaster impacted victims around Mt. Merapi and Mt Kelud and also to many areas in Indonesia. We have donated the fund raised from Mt. Merapi and Mt Kelud with a total of $10,817 to the Canadian Red Cross. 

Thank you for your support and generosity.


14 February 2014 12:01 AM  l  Board of Directors

The most recent natural disaster in Indonesia, the Gunung Kelud eruptions, has drawn our eyes and hearts back to Indonesia.  We can't help but point our thoughts to all of the people who's lives have been so suddenly affected. 
CISC would like to send our deepest heartfelt sympathies to any of your family and friends that are living or visiting the Gunung Kelud area. 
We are unsure of what can be done to help people there at this time but we do want to hear your ideas in this matter.  In this way, we can all help together.
Please post your thoughts in our Forums, on our links on the left. 
Here is a link, giving more information about Kelud Eruption


18 January 2014 9:31 AM | Andrew Ardianto        

Dear CISC Members, Friends and Fans. Please welcome Ivan Leung as the new Communication Director, effective on 2014. Thank you for your support during my tenure in the past and let us support Ivan in his new position. Please say hello to him in Facebook.


14 July 2013 11:00 PM | Philip Bender - Membership Director        

In our CISCWA database, we will soon have a folder, where we can share events that have happen in the past, since the CISC was first started in 1982. This could be the first meeting, the first AGM, the CISC musical group and the list goes on from 1982 to 20.. .

At our last Stampede Breakfast, I already heard people talking of these past times, it is the stories of these events that contribute to the history of CISC.  

During the last 30+years, there is much to share.  When information is printed in on paper, it is stored and soon misplaced, and when it put on the web it will always be shared.  The more that is shared, the more that is remembered, it can be read by all, including brothers and sisters, son and daughters. Your names and events will be part of the shared history of Canadian Indonesian Social Club (CISC),  the history of Calgary, Alberta and Canada. 

Being a Member, you will be in the History of Canada. Do not be surprised, if one day we will be reading about the history of the CISC in a community paper or maybe on a radio station like the CBC.


         Help Show Support for our CISC Dance Group

       08 July 2013 12:08 PM | Jade Tarbet – Cultural Director

       15th Annual, but is a Non Traditional Stampede Feast

             The Celebration of the Diverse Community of Greater Forest Lawn on International Avenue !.

        Thursday, July 11  8:30am to 11am. at:

        BRZ Unity Park @ 3111 - 17 Avenue SE, Calgary

         Performing at Unity Park is our own

        CISC DANCE GROUP  (Performance starts at 8:45am)

             Please make every effort to attend!

        Help With Our New Website

  • 30 Jun 2013 4:48 PM | Philip Bender
    If you know anyone who would like help for loging into our new website, ask them to come to Indonesian Kitchen as info is shown below. 

    Thank You to Omar for helping me.

    I will be available to help any members, non members, for those who would like assistance in signing into our new website. I will be available at the Indonesian Kitchen at 3917 17 Ave. SE (for those who do not know the address) on July 3rd, 4th & 5th from 2 - 8pm.

     Kartini's son, Omar has also offered to help. Omar has their family laptop there.

    It is not very difficult and will only take a few minutes

  • 30 Jun 2013 4:39 PM | Philip Bender
    The Federation of Calgary Communities

    The Federation of Calgary Communities has been working with the Community Associations that have been evacuated but as you might imagine the board members themselves have been evacuated and/or are also victims of the flood themselves. We are seeing some very divested homes. Three of our community associations have suffered extensive damage. Elboya Community Association was completely flooded to its eaves. We had a pumper truck offered by Encana there for the past 24 hours pumping! Today, we found Elbow Park CA and Rideau/Roxboro CA are underwater as well - the communities are like war zones. The rest of the community associations are acting as hubs for community is inspiring despite the wreckage.

    This afternoon my staff went out to the various communities and while the need for volunteers to help individuals reclaim their homes and to clean streets of muck is still a priority, there is also a need for various supplies to enable the cleanup.

    Here is just a sample:

  • Bowness Community Association asks if you have a special skill to let them know. “If you have a strong back, let us know. If you can answer phones let us know! When are you available? Never fear – We will need YOU! If you have a truck/trailer to haul garbage away let us know.” They also need these items donated: Squeeges, Spray Bottles, Markers, Mops, Mr. Clean etc., Insect Repellent!, Flashlights, Containers w/lids, Garbage Bags, Work Gloves, Heavy duty rubber gloves, Rags, Old Garbage bins for mud, Shovels, Squeegees.

  • East Village Community Association needs support for 1500 displaced & low income seniors. They want to create care packages for the seniors when they are able to return home in the coming days or week. They need:

    · Prepaid debit/credit cards to purchase local supplies of items
    · Gift cards (Safeway, Sobeys COOP, SuperStore, Wal-Mart or Canadian Tire)
    · Cleaning Supplies (garbage bags, paper towels, gloves, masks, cleaning spray)
    · Toiletries (toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, tissue, Q-Tips)
    · Bottled Water
    · Non Perishable food items
    · Easy to prepare food
    · Coffee & Tea
    · Pet Care packages (dog & cat food)
    · Granola bars
    · Magazines/books

    You can also help by writing letters, cards, paint pictures and drop a sweet little “hug” into the mail that we can give to our 1200+ East Village residents, many of whom are seniors, when they return. Let them know you’re thinking about them, sending them well wishes and that they are missed. Help impacted flood victims, have you children, your school, church& community groups, and friends & family from all over the world send our seniors some hugs. We will be collecting these cards and thoughtful notes and distributing them in our care packages when our residents are able to return to their homes.

    Send donations and letters to:

    East Village Hugs C/O Calgary Municipal Land Corporation
    429 – 8th Ave. SE
    Calgary, AB
    T2G 0G1

    Hillhurst/Sunnyside Community Association needs the following items: Large Rubbermaid containers, Crow bars, Shovels, Wet/Dry Vac, Fans, Flashlights, Dehumidifiers and Roasting trays. Please contact Lisa at 403-542-0007 or drop off at the Hillhurst/Sunnyside Community Association at 1320 5 Avenue NW

    Erlton Community Association can use volunteer help. If you have a team to provide to Earlton Community Association, please contact Kirt van der Woude at 403) 585-9392 or email here. Also if any businesses or organizations are interested in making donations of gift cards, goods or services in kind, please let Kirt know.

    If individuals would like to help, please contact the specific community association and let me know. As well, please let us know so we can make sure to update the "Needs" and "Offers" list which is located here 
    If you are stapped for time but would like to donate supplies, you can purchase a gift card from Home Depot or Walmart or if you make a cash donation to the Federation (we can't provide a tax receipt nor can we take a donation if your organization is a charity) my staff would be happy to pick up supplies and deliver them to a community of your choice.

    Thank you in advance for what you can do....every little bit helps out.

    P.S. We hope that in the coming days we will be able to also post larger volunteer projects that are more organized, however, right now if you want to volunteer go to the hard hit areas and BE PART OF IT! or check out YYChelps for specific projects (we have just posted 2 - one for Elbow Park and one for Rideau/Roxboro - they should be live by tomorrow). Calgarians affected by the flood need your support. Be safe and act responsibility. 

    BEFORE YOU VOLUNTEER, read the City of Calgary’s Flood Awareness Booklet , namely pages 14 – 21 for some helpful advice.

    Federation of Calgary Communities
    301 1609 14th Street SW
    Calgary , AB T3C 1E4
    Phone: 403-244-4111 ext. 201
    Fax: 403-244-4129
    E-mail :

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